Terry’s Inspiration: “Nursing the Soul” –Kansas City, MO

As the Sacred Sewing Room National Tour reaches more cities, we continue to see how sewing can help heal, build confidence and save lives. In Kansas City, this message really came through to Terry when she first saw the photos of the Hope House. She learned that the building used to be a Nursing School, and loved the idea of “Nursing the Soul” for the room’s theme.

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Sometimes we don’t know our own strength until someone reminds us. When I reached out to Hope House in Kansas City, MO to learn about the history of the 100-year-old mansion, I found out that at one time it used to be a Nursing School. I immediately began thinking about what Nursing means to me and how at 16 years old I got a job as a nurse’s aide at a home for the aged. I served the residents for five years and truly loved it! I couldn’t wait until the school bell rang to rush home and put on my white nursing pants and uniform top. Silly as it sounds, to me that uniform meant compassion and a good ear for listening. Caring for the residents meant making sure the men and women had a voice, and that they were nurtured, uplifted and taken care of with love and understanding.

When I received the before pictures of the room at Hope House, I saw the women and the sewing instructors gathering in front of the fireplace to sew, each sharing her story, knowledge and smile. I envisioned the walls transformed into a soft sunny glow with sewing notions painted over the color: vintage sewing machines, fabric, patterns, scissors, trim and blue birds carrying measuring tapes. They would be more than notions though. Each item painted on the wall would have a much deeper meaning:

  • Sewing machines: Our daily oxygen to say “YES” to another day
  • Fabric: A reminder of the beauty and creativity that lives within all of us
  • Patterns: A gentle guidance and teacher
  • Scissors: To clip off any extra strings or material that no longer serve us in a loving way
  • Trim: Just a perfect touch to let us know that love is always in the detail
  • Bluebirds carrying the measuring tapes: The people we meet in life willing to say “YES” to helping carry any heavy loads that life might bring us
Another look at Hope House before the makeover.

Hope House before the makeover.

Hope House before the makeover

Another look at Hope House before the makeover.

The transformation at Hope House will be a reminder that we all need a Sacred Space that Nurses the Soul, brings us comfort, gentle guidance and lets us know we have so much strength from within.

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