Terry’s Inspiration: “Made With Love”–Lexington, KY

What does “made with love” mean to you? When Terry Grahl hears these three words, she is reminded of her childhood…her mother sewing for the family. And when Terry first saw photos of the Greenhouse 17 and learned about its mission, she knew this same feeling, “made with love” was the right theme for the Lexington Sacred Sewing Room. Read on to learn more about Terry’s inspiration for the Greenhouse 17 Sacred Sewing Room.

We all have heard the words “made with love”, but do we really understand what these three important words mean? Let me tell you what they mean to me. Let’s go back to 1976. It’s Saturday morning, and I’m in my pajamas, lying on my belly watching Schoolhouse Rock. I hear this amazing sound in the background. It’s not just any sound; it’s a sound reminding me that everything will be OK. OH MY! It’s the sound of my mother’s sewing machine. I quickly jump up just to see my mother sewing, her back hunched over, her hands gently guiding the fabric and her face speaking the words, “I will be OK.”

When I first learned about Greenhouse 17, I quickly found out how they understood the power of creativity. The ladies are encouraged to create from their heart. They learn how to make jewelry, plant gardens, and even the importance of meditation. I once again was transported to my mother’s craft room and the conversations about those dark days and keeping her hands busy. My mother telling me, “Girl, go outside and pull some weeds, scrub some floors or create something. Just keep those hands busy.”  Many of you already know my mother has battled depression her entire life. Yes, I remember those days with the blinds shut all day, no dinner on the table and pure darkness… but we had HOPE and refused to give up. Oh, yes!  The days of sunlight, a breeze in the window, Carly Simon playing in the background, the sweet sound of a sewing machine and the beautiful words coming from my mother’s mouth, “Come here quick! Look at what I made for our home and for YOU. Hurry!  Try it on, does it fit?”  YES mom! It fits. 🙂

Green House 17 another look before the makeover      Green House 17 Before

So as I sit here looking at the before photos and visualizing myself in the four walls at Greenhouse 17, I see a beautiful light. I feel a peace come over me and I hear the words, “Everything will be OK.”  The Sacred Sewing Room walls will become fields of beautiful gardens, clotheslines filled with handmade quilts and in the distance a cottage, a place where you see the windows open, curtains blowing in the wind and a place to rest your head. A sacred place made with love

Terry ox

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