Terry’s Inspiration: “Grandma’s Hands”– Easton, PA

The next Sacred Sewing Room makeover is right around the corner, and the Enchanted Makeovers team is ready to begin the transformation. After visiting Third Street Alliance and pondering the “before” photos of the shelter, Terry found her inspiration for the next makeover…

It all began with before photos of an old historical house built back in Easton, PA, now called Third Street Alliance, a shelter for women and children. As I sat sipping my coffee, visualizing the many faces and remembering the stories from women about how important their grandma was to them, I instantly felt this house was screaming, “Transform me into Grandma’s Home!”  … a beautiful place surrounded by homemade treasures, words of wisdom, strength and courage.  

As I continued looking through the “before” photos I came across a photo of a room where the women sit before they see their therapist. This room connects to the room that will be transformed into The Sacred Sewing Room. My eyes immediately filled with tears. No more! This room needed to be a place not just for waiting to see your therapist but a sanctuary that would embrace the women with wise words, stories of overcoming, and faith that moved mountains. The room would become Grandma’s Porch. I could hear, “Don’t you worry child. Grandma will take care of everything!” The new story, the design, had to be about the power of Grandma’s Love.

Sitting Room Before Easton Sacred Sewing Room

After sitting and pausing on the porch, the women will no longer see just a door connecting to just another room but a new beginning. The door will be painted to look like a screen door leading to The Sacred Sewing Room. Opening this door will no longer lead to a room filled with discarded items but a place that will tell a new story. It will be a place where Grandma cleared out her dining room so she could have her very own sewing room. The room will be painted to look like vintage wallpaper with beautiful landscapes of cottages with flower boxes and wooden shutters. The room will have shelves filled with beautiful fabric, mason jars stuffed with vintage rick rack and  buttons, baskets filled with sewing patterns and, of course, a vintage dress form as a reminder, “I am a Warrior”.

Before Sacred Sewing Room Easton

The story doesn’t end there. I noticed a room tucked away that was also connected, a little quaint kitchen in need of lots of love.  We can’t forget the precious memories of Grandma making her favorite desserts, always placed on a special plate. The kitchen is an important part of this story. I could see the women sewing, hear them laughing, sharing, learning and someone saying, “Anyone for a cup of tea or coffee?”  The kitchen needs to be part of this Enchanted Makeover.  A soft touch of yellow to bring in the light, ruffled trim on the shelves, a skirt for the sink, and we must not forget the pretty cups. It’s a reminder of how important it is that we feel precious.

Third Street Alliance Sacred Sewing Room Kitchen

One last “before” photo! Another room connected to The Sacred Sewing Room, the dreary bathroom. Once again, I was transported back in time to my Grandmother’s Powder Room. I remember my grandma telling me, “Every Saturday, Terry, I clean my bathroom, you must have a schedule… and these are the pretty towels. You never use those.” LOL!  It was a no brainier… The women need their very own Powder Room, filled with words of encouragement and all things precious. It’s a reminder that “I am Precious and I am Loved”!

Bathroom Easton Sacred Sewing Room

“Grandma’s Hands” healed many hearts, turned us around when we were off track, and taught us the importance of home and family!

ox Terry Grahl

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