Terry’s Inspiration: “Enchanted Forest”–St. Louis, MO

With every Sacred Sewing Room, Terry Grahl, finds inspiration in something different. For the first stop on the Sacred Sewing Room Tour, Terry was inspired by remembering childhood safe places; as children we often escape to an imaginary land where nothing can do us harm. Everyone needs a place like this from time to time, and Terry wanted to bring this world back to the residents of the Women’s Safe House.

Imagine a place you could go to hide, feel safe and explore your imagination. Oh, yes! You know what I’m talking about. Don’t you remember your childhood? The tents you made from your blankets and castles from cardboard boxes? These simple things give children the power to tap into a world full of wonder, creativity and happiness.

When I first saw the photos at the Women’s Safe House in St. Louis, Missouri, I only saw this little room tucked away in the basement.

before2 Pre-Sacred Sewing Room Women's Safe House

But then I looked again and my heart saw a place where the women could go that embraced them gently, a little hideaway for one to wander off into her mind. It would become the “Enchanted Forest”. The door leading into the room would be painted to look miniature just like the door from the 1971 movie, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Do you remember Augustus Gloop and his mother? Before the reveal of the Willy Wonka factory, the mother questioned whether she could fit through the tiny little door. All I heard from her was doubt and fear. The door was actually quite large.

The door to the Sacred Sewing Room at Women’s Safe House would become a message of courage. When someone walks through that door it mirrors confronting the times in life when we need courage even when we are most afraid, “I WILL walk through it even in doubt”.  It’s a beautiful reminder that you are precious and you can trust the new journey. The lighted path in the mural would represent a hopeful message; we all need a place to hide, but there is always a way out.

The Enchanted Forest: A place to create, share our stories, feel courageous and nurture the child from within…

ox Terry Grahl

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