Washington, NJ–Sacred Sewing Room Big Reveal

The 2014 Sacred Sewing Room Tour may have ended, but the journey for all involved has just begun. That’s why it is fitting that Terry wanted the final stop on the tour to have a “journey” theme.

Using wall stencils from Cutting Edge Stencils, the talented Anita Roll created a pattern on the walls of the DASACC Sacred Sewing Room. She then painted numerous flowers in different stages of life. Some are small buds and others are fully blossomed… the room captures the entire journey of the flowers.

10702129_719616081465208_2789852653626740190_n     NJ flower wall

In life, we must learn from every step of the journey. It is not only about the destination but about how we get there, too.
The big reveal in Washington, New Jersey was a huge success. Students from Centenary College provided lunch, and many people in the community came out to celebrate.

Centinary College volunteers   setting up for the big reveal

Just before the rooms were revealed to the public, founders of CeCe Caldwell’s paints presented Enchanted Makeovers with a check from all the sales of the Enchanted Lilac paint so far. It was the perfect way to kick off the event.

1CeCe presenting a check for proceeds from paint    cececaldwellspaint
Additionally, Laura Hughes from Vintage This, Repurpose That, once again donated chairs to the Sacred Sewing Room. Bill Slopic, from Allentown Sewing Machine Outlet, also made a second Sacred Sewing Room appearance and committed to providing maintenance for the machines. Additionally, vocalist Jacqueline Ballarin returned and blessed the Sacred Sewing Room with “My Wish” by Rascal Flatts and “Amazing Grace”. All three of these local volunteers also donated and/or dedicated time to the Third Street Alliance Sacred Sewing Room in Easton, PA.

1Vintage This, Repurpose That   Screenshot_2014-10-29-14-57-41-1-1-1 Screenshot_2014-10-29-15-01-06-1
Laura, Bill and Jacqueline all understand the importance of giving back to their community, and that is exactly the message that Enchanted Makeovers is hoping to spread. The Sacred Sewing Room program serves to help women and children in shelters start a new life, and new beginnings are always easier with the support of others. We’re thankful for everyone who has stepped up to help in some way. You are setting a great example for your neighbors, which is important because, as Terry always says, it takes a village.
In addition to all of the wonderful people who attended, something else made this reveal unique… it had two separate rooms. Terry decided to make one room the sewing room and one a supply room. It worked out perfectly. The women could “shop around” for fabric and supplies, cut their fabric and then bring it to the sewing machine. In the supply room, Anita painted framed pictures on the walls and polka dot curtains around the windows.

1overhead sewing room shot    fan with cutting table[4] 1Maytag and fabric
Though the tour has ended, please continue to follow Enchanted Makeovers and the Sacred Sewing Room program. To see before and after photos of every stop on the tour, visit our Photos page.  We’ll also post follow-ups about the rooms and keep you up to date on new projects in the works. Thanks again to everyone for your support and generosity.


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