Third Street Alliance Testimonial: “The Sacred Sewing Room Fits Us Perfectly”

When Enchanted Makeovers created the “Sacred Sewing Room” program, our hope was to empower women living in shelters. We know that sewing is not only a life skill but also a very powerful coping skill. Terry Grahl, the founder of Enchanted Makeovers, realized just how powerful sewing can be when her mother shared with her “a sewing machine saved my life”. Her mother has always battled depression and uses sewing to cope and survive this horrible disease. Terry knew a sewing program needed to be a part of how Enchanted Makeovers transforms shelters and the lives of women and children.

The 2014 National Tour is everything we hoped for and more! The Sacred Sewing Room website has wonderful “before” and “after” pictures of the beautiful results of the first two stops on the tour. What is especially wonderful to share is the heart-felt letter we received from the Executive Director of Third Street Alliance in Easton, PA. Feedback like this validates the importance of this program. Thank you to everyone who is making it possible to share the power of sewing with more women living in shelters across the country!

Ellen Banks, COO, Enchanted Makeovers


Judy Matthewson of Third Street Alliance

The letter below was written by Judy Matthewson, Executive Director at Third Street Alliance. Above is Judy addressing the crowd at the Third Street Alliance “Big Reveal”.

Dear Enchanted Makeovers,

I wish I had the perfect way to say “thank you” for all that you and your wonderful organization have done for the Resident Services Program at Third Street Alliance. It would need to be perfect because that is the kind of job you all did – the Sacred Sewing Room fits us perfectly!

It was an amazing experience to watch you all work. Nothing stopped you, and even when things went slightly askew, there was no frustration, blaming or anger – only a need to solve the problem. Your communications were clear and frequent, and anyone looking at you work could see the respect you have for each other’s talents and for each other as parts of a well-functioning organization. It was the look of love – for each other and for what you were accomplishing.

You have left behind you a project that so many people in Easton can be a part of and through which Easton can affirm the shelter guests as a part of the larger community. They now have another way to become participating members of Easton, of the sewing groups, of the volunteers here at Third Street Alliance and of the diverse fabric of the Lehigh Valley. The anticipation of what the project will be able to do did not end with the Reveal. The anticipation has now shifted to how the community can continue the work you have started to make an important positive impact on the lives of the families here, and how the community can sustain them as they join the community as independent members.

Blessings on you all.

Judy Matthewson
Executive Director
Third Street Alliance for Women and Children

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