Terry’s Inspiration: “The Journey”–Washington, NJ

The 2014 Sacred Sewing Room National Tour has been a journey for everyone involved. As she thought about the look for the room in Washington, New Jersey, Terry reflected on the lessons learned so far on the tour. The idea of “the journey” seemed like just the right fit for the last stop. Read on for an inside look at Terry’s inspiration. 

As I sit here in my dining room on a cool Sunday afternoon, I begin to reflect on Enchanted Makeovers Sacred Sewing Room National Tour. I believe we are all students and teachers in life. The very first stop in St. Louis, MO was a lesson about the heart and trusting it. Even when we encounter doubters or ego, we have the CHOICE on how we want to react. As we turned the corner to Easton, PA, the next lesson was a reminder about the brain and what we choose to let in or control us. Our thoughts are powerful things, whether they are positive or negative. The beautiful detour to Kansas City, MO was a great lesson on courage and never allowing anyone to distract you from your mission. Your warrior spirit and laser focus vision is a reminder of how far you have come. In Lexington, KY ,we were reminded that we always had everything within ourselves. Trusting your own inner voice and encouraging others to believe in themselves is the key to self-awareness.

We are now at are last stop in Washington, NJ. I got a chance to stop by this little house while in Pennsylvania. I entered through the backdoor where I was immediately in this quite charming laundry room (the ceiling was wainscoting). A couple more steps and I was in the kitchen (very small, but I still felt the love). The dining room had sweet built-in vintage cabinets; the living room was just around the corner with a quaint fireplace and a staircase that lead you upstairs to a couple of bedrooms. The house is called Domestic Abuse and Sexual Assault Crisis Center. It’s a haven for many women and children escaping horrific situations and hoping for a better life. I asked the Director if I could take some before photos of the bedrooms. She didn’t mind and proceeded downstairs.


                  DASACC before the Sacred Sewing Room

I had to pause and stand in the room for a few minutes by myself. I remember the feeling that came over me. I immediately visualized and could feel every woman or volunteer that entered into the house would know that they were worthy, deserved dignity and respect. The walls in this room where I stood would start with a simple but charming painted decal, but it would blossom into layers of greatness. Each little oval shape would become a beautiful flower that would resemble growth. Whether it’s a tight bud or an open blossom, she is still worthy of knowing that she mattered.

Here and there throughout the garden of life, the women and the community will find in the walls the message that we all hold a special wand in our heart. A simple precious little wand just like Glinda had in the “Wizard of Oz” will be incorporated in the room. A gentle reminder about the power from within. Whether we are sewing, cutting or ironing fabric, or sharing our stories, every one of these rooms that has been created for the 2014 Sacred Sewing Room National Tour will be a reminder about the power of standing for one another (being a warrior) and the power in authenticity and vulnerability. She is ME! We all want to feel worthy, have a voice and know that we matter.

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. ~ Anais Nin

My prayer to everyone is this simple song, “My Wish…” by Rascal Flatts.

God Bless All of You!

Terry ox

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