Kansas City, MO–Sacred Sewing Room Big Reveal

Terry’s theme for the Kansas City Sacred Sewing Room was “Nursing the Soul”, and from the moment we arrived you could feel the positive energy in the air. The Hope House is a hidden shelter for survivors of domestic violence; it is a place to rebuild confidence and grow as a strong, independent person.  The Sacred Sewing Room will help the residents of the Hope House learn a new life skill that they can take with them into their new lives.

logo-Hope House

Springs Creative has donated at least 50 bolts of fabric to every Sacred Sewing Room on the stop, and for Hope House, Enchanted Makeovers board member, Amy Barickman, encouraged many other fabric companies to donate, too. The room housing all Sacred Sewing Room supplies was packed with boxes upon boxes of fabric and sewing notions. So while Anita Roll worked to get the beautiful mural on the walls of the Sacred Sewing Room, the rest of the team had fun sorting fabric and arranging the sewing products.

Anita Roll painting Hope House Mural

sorting fabric at the Hope House   more kc fabric even more fabric kc

Many people attended the big reveal of this sewing room. From residents of the Hope House to TV and print journalists as well as Hope House volunteers and staff—the room was packed.  Kansas City local Kate Wiese sang two empowering songs for the crowd, “I Didn’t Know My Own Strength” by Whitney Houston and “Amazing Grace”.

TV at SSR KC   Singer at Hope House

Even after this first look at the room, many residents were inspired to make something. Some of the women sat at the machines eager to learn and others even knew what their first projects would be, and the children? They eagerly wore one of the many Capes for Kids provided to the Hope House from generous donors.

Entry to Hope House SSR   Capes for Kids KC Hope House After

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